so no oil? *slams american military into venezuela*

"you owe me a response"

"If you don't engage with me its because you know you're wrong"

"you're abusing the block feature"

@jwhamilton_ just wanna say I forgot how I found your masto but I'm glad I followed u. Thanks for the memes and makin me smile in the last month or so, and also u r valid no matter what you identify as. Keep it up, proud of u ๐ŸŒˆ

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Do you ever realize just how long youโ€™ve been on the internet and youโ€™re just like wtf. Like i remember the fucken โ€œcat Iโ€™m a kitty cat, and I dance dance danceโ€ video and I swear thatโ€™s older than some teenagers and it worries me

doctor: please eat better
me: sorry what? [shoving garbage into my body]

everyone shut the fuck up for a second im trying to crush water bottles with my thighs

iโ€™m very sad rn but i sure do love girls

when you're disappointed but ultimately not surprised when your white friend says some white shit

Vanessa Carlton's hit "A Thousand Miles" is actually known as "1609.344 Kilometers" outside the US

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